Stones of Remembrance

Stones of Remembrance

When the children of Israel crossed through the Jordan River into the Promised Land, God told them to build an altar with a stone for each tribe.  They were commanded to tell their children the story of God’s provision and guidance using the stones as a visual reminder.

Church histories provide “stones of remembrance” for congregations.  They are reminders of how God led a group of people to a certain area to plant a church to reach the community for Christ.  Church history is not dry or dull but is a living testimony.  Those old church minutes reveal God at work in His people.  Whether joyous or painful, the story needs to be told.   

What provides the “stones of remembrance” for a church?  What should be saved?

  • Minutes of business meetings and reports

  • Legal documents

  • Membership records

  • Financial records

  • Organization records: Bible study groups, children’s/youth ministry, WMU, etc.

  • Church publications

  • Pictures, Audiovisuals, website

  • Scrapbooks

  • Annual reports to the association and state convention

  • Artifacts such as early hymnals, offering plates, items from earlier buildings, etc.

As these items are gathered, they should be kept in a safe, fireproof environment.   Many of these items are irreplaceable.  Duplicates of minutes and other records should be kept with one set at the church and the other off-site. 

Historical Services at the SC Baptist Convention can offer your church assistance with this important task.  Contact Jane Poster at 803.765.0030.