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Igniting Faith in Greenville at ONE Night

Igniting Faith in Greenville at ONE Night

Igniting Faith in Greenville at ONE Night

Thirty students put their faith in Christ at ONE Night in Simpsonville.

ONE Night is an evening of games, worship, and teaching to engage middle and high school students with the hope of the Gospel. In total, 600 students from 15 churches across the Greenville area took part in the event hosted by First Baptist Simpsonville / Upstate Church.

The success of ONE Night wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of numerous leaders and volunteers who organize, coordinate, and facilitate the event. From youth pastors and small group leaders to sound technicians and greeters, their collaboration and passion for seeing lives changed allow events like these to happen.

Several dedicated volunteers even willingly took a plateful of whipped cream to the face, delivered by thrilled students.

A student “pies” an adult volunteer in the face during a game.

Sharing Truth

David Sons, Lead Pastor of Lake Murray Baptist Church, preached the message from Luke 24:44-48, focusing on the resurrection of Jesus as the proof for who he is and all that he taught. “I think a lot of students believe the resurrection as a historical fact, especially those who have grown up in and around the church,” Sons said, “but they don’t give it much thought or recognize the transformational difference it makes.”

After high-energy worship, students were given time to respond. In all, 30 students responded to the Gospel. Other students responded to a call for repentance, and others responded to calls to ministry and missions. Church leaders will continue in discipleship efforts that aim to nurture the faith of the students who made decisions during ONE Night.

Students enjoy worship at ONE Night.

Reaching the Next Generation

SCBaptist believes that a focus on reaching the next generation is essential to finishing the task of making disciples of every nation, tribe, and tongue. “I think events like these are important to reaching the next generation because I believe God’s Spirit works through the proclamation of his Word to draw people to his Son,” Sons said.

“I’m grateful to SCBaptist and to First Baptist Simpsonville / Upstate Church for facilitating an environment for students to hear, see, and respond to the Gospel.”

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