Annual Meeting 101

Annual Meeting 101

New to an Annual Meeting? Want to know how it all works? Here’s a quick explanation of what you should know about the Annual Meeting.

What is the purpose of the SCBaptist Annual Meeting?

The Annual Meeting is a yearly gathering of the South Carolina Baptist Convention.It’s a time for worship and fellowship in an atmosphere of spiritual encouragement and challenge. Messengers from cooperating churches gather for networking and training. It’s a place of accountability as we hear stories of Kingdom advance accomplished throughout the year. And it’s a place for decision-making as we cast votes, setting the course for our cooperative ministry. We hope you’ll join us at this year’s Annual Meeting.

What is a messenger?

Messengers are the heartbeat of the Annual Meeting. Chosen by cooperating South Carolina Baptist churches, they represent their congregations.Governed by the SCBaptist Constitution, each church can elect messengers based on their size level of giving. These dedicated individuals bring their perspectives, not agendas. They have the power to vote, make motions, shape Convention business, and drive the mission of our cooperative ministry.

Are guests and ministry partners allowed at the Annual Meeting?

At the Annual Meeting, we welcome not only messengers but also guests. While only messengers participate in Convention business, guests can engage in all other sessions and events. We also welcome our Ministry Partners. Our ministry partners are Anderson University, Charleston Southern University, North Greenville University, Connie Maxwell Children’s Home and Family Ministry, South Carolina Baptist Ministries of Aging, The Baptist Foundation of South Carolina, and the Baptist Courier. Committed trustee members serve five-year terms. New trustees are elected at this meeting. Together, we amplify our Kingdom impact, knowing that our shared mission is greater than any individual effort.

Who are the Convention Officers and what do they do?

Each year, a president-elect is elected by the messengers of SCBaptist churches. This person plays a crucial role in the life of the convention. After serving and planning for a year this person becomes the convention president. The convention president guides our gathering, ensuring its success.In addition, two other officers are elected, vice president, and registration secretary. These elected leaders are vital to the Convention’s mission and vision. Their guidance sets the tone for worship, fellowship, and decision-making, as they lead us forward in faith and unity.

Who are the Convention Committees and the Executive Board and and what do they do?

Behind the scenes, dedicated Executive Board and Committee members work tirelessly throughout the year. The Executive Board is made up of members from every region of the state, including lay people and ministers, ensuring that members represent the great diversity around our state. Among other tasks, these individuals ensure the annual meeting runs smoothly and efficiently. Committees are the backbone of our cooperative ministry.

What does the Committee on Committees do?

The Committee on Committees is a crucial part of the Annual Meeting. Their role is to recommend the members of all of the other committees. This committee serves to involve more people in the important work of our cooperative efforts.

What does the Resolutions Committee do?

The Resolutions Committee is hard at work even before the Annual Meeting begins. They consider resolutions submitted by messengers for the betterment of the Convention’s work. Once ready, resolutions are presented to the messengers for consideration and vote. Resolutions are the way that SCBaptists speak to what is going on in the world around us.

What does the Enrollment and Credentials Committee do?

The Enrollment and Credentials Committee ensures the qualifications of messengers. During the Convention, they answer questions about messenger or sending church qualifications. Their dedication maintains the integrity of the Annual Meeting, upholding the standards of our cooperative ministry.

What does the Bylaws Committee do?

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing the bylaws of the Convention and recommending changes as needed.

What does the Christian Life and Public Affairs Committee do?

The Christian Life and Public Affairs Committee is dedicated to studying our society’s conditions. They recognize individuals and churches that are impacting their communities. They also aid local churches in educational programs, helping SCBaptists be salt and light in their communities.

What does the History Committee do?

The History Committee are the keepers of our Convention’s historical archives. They help maintain and produce historical materials for churches and they recognize our Convention’s milestones is also their responsibility.

What does the Nominations Committee do?

The Nominations Committee recommends individuals for vital roles in the Convention. They fill open slots on the Executive Board and trustee boards. Their recommendations help to ensure diversity in leadership. New members are recommended by the Committee on Committees and are elected by Convention messengers.

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