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Fellowship and Renewal at San Diego Retreat for Pastor’s Wives

Fellowship and Renewal at San Diego Retreat for Pastor’s Wives

SCBaptist’s Women’s Ministry, in partnership with the North American Mission Board, recently held a retreat in San Diego, aiming to offer minister’s wives a space for fellowship, spiritual growth, and renewal.

The retreat aimed to serve those who tirelessly serve others in their church communities in San Diego, gathering women from both South Carolina and San Diego. Participants, including Haley Atkins from Lake Bowen Baptist Church, Allison Powell from Taylor’s First Baptist Church, and Sarah Rogers from Christ Fellowship Cherrydale, found the retreat to be a unique opportunity to share experiences, challenges, and encouragements with their peers.

Providing Encouragement

Powell was excited to go to the retreat because she could relate to the challenges that a church planter’s wife goes through. “It’s kind of a lonely place to be sometimes because you don’t always feel like you can talk about what you’re going through,” Powell shared.

“One of the reasons why we went to San Diego as South Carolina Baptist women is because we wanted to share with them just the love of Jesus, to encourage them, to show them that we’re in the same boat even though they’re on the West Coast and we’re on the East Coast,” Atkins shared.

“In South Carolina, we are blessed to have an abundance of Southern Baptist churches that are right in our areas,” Rogers said. She shared that the same cannot be said of the spiritual landscape in San Diego, emphasizing the importance of supporting the church planters and their families.

Finding Rest

The retreat united women from diverse backgrounds, including those newly involved in church plants and those with years of experience, and included worship in both Spanish and English. Participants highlighted the retreat’s focus on spiritual health, providing tools for self-reflection and rejuvenation.

“It really meant a lot to them to be able to get together for a couple days to get away from all the busyness of family and church,” Powell said.

Participants engaged in various activities designed to promote spiritual well-being and community building. From shared meals to prayer sessions on the beach, the retreat fostered a sense of unity and purpose among the women.

“There are all kinds of things that we have in addition to caring about the church that can weigh on us and burden us,” Rogers said. For her, the trip allowed her to speak truth and give the women the courage to keep going.

Supporting Leaders in Ministry

“It was just good. You know, sometimes there’s things that you can’t hardly describe,” Atkins reflected on the experience, noting the powerful impact of seeing women from different cultures and stages of life come together in worship and fellowship.

The retreat in San Diego not only served as a time for relaxation and spiritual growth for these dedicated women but also as a reminder of the broader community and support network that spans the nation. As the women return to their respective ministries, they carry with them the renewed strength, friendships, and lessons learned from this gathering.

As SCBaptist continues to support its leaders and volunteers through such retreats, the impact of these gatherings is felt far beyond the days spent together. Rogers said, “It just reminds me of what we are going to look like one day when we are together in heaven when every tribe and tongue and nation is worshiping before the throne.”

  • Anna Gardner

    Anna Gardner

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