Church Protection Benefit

Church Protection Benefit

Church Protection Benefit

Through the Cooperative Program, The South Carolina Baptist Convention provides both a disability income benefit and a survivor protection benefit to eligible senior pastors and one other ministerial staff member who participates in GuideStone’s Church Retirement Plan.

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Benefit FAQ’s

Why have I not heard of this benefit plan?

Due to previous personnel reductions, information and communication of this plan have not been made available at the state level.

What are the benefits?

Disability income benefits up to $500 per month for a maximum of five years or until you reach age 65.  Survivor protection benefits up to $100,000 depending on your age.  

Who is included in this plan?

The Convention will include the senior pastor and one additional ministerial staff member.  This also applies to the association office.

Who pays for the benefits?

These benefits are paid by the Convention and GuideStone.

Does my church have to buy insurance products from GuideStone to participate in this program?

The only conditions are to deposit a minimum of $50 each month into your GuideStone retirement account submit an annual application to the Convention.

Who does the minimum $50 per month come from?

The minimum $50 per month sent to your GuideStone retirement account can come from you or the church or a combination of both. 

Can the pastor send the money directly to GuideStone?

The funds must be sent to GuideStone by the church.  This shows you are employed by the church.

Can the church purchase these additional benefits for additional staff members?

The church cannot buy into this plan.  Additional insurance coverage can be purchased from GuideStone and other vendors.

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