Neighboring is what Jesus calls all believers to do. It is the act of praying, caring, and sharing hope with those within your sphere of influence.

Neighboring is an initiative birthed by South Carolina Baptists to share hope with those in closest vicinity to us, but far from God. What does it look like to love your neighbor? The focus is to pray, care, and share.

"Prayer isn't just preparation for the work. Prayer IS the greater work."
- Oswald Chambers


- Map your neighborhood to pray for each neighbor by name.

- Prayer walk your neighborhood.

- Ask God to show you the needs of your neighbors.


- Care for a local school through Heart4Schools.

- Start a holiday tradition for your neighbordhood by hosting a Christmas or Easter gathering.

- Host front yard cookouts or picnics.


- Pick one person far from God who needs to hear the gospel.

Neighboring leads to life transformation for you and your community.

A grieving widow who builds a friendship with her neighbor across the street.
This friendship gives both a new purpose and fresh hope.


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We now live in a culture where front porches are smaller,and back decks are larger. How do we reach a society that values solitude over relationships?


Neighboring is the act of praying for, caring for, and sharing Christ within your sphere of influence. In “The Art of Neighboring,” the authors tell of a city leader who met with them and a group of pastors in Denver to discuss why neighboring matters. The city leader said that “from the city's perspective, there is not a noticeable difference in how Christians and non-Christians neighbor” in their community. This was the moment that shook these authors. This should shake us, as well, because this is not what Jesus intended when He said to “love your neighbor as yourself” in Matthew 22:37-39. According to the city leader, Christians are not loving their neighbor well.

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