Frequently Asked Questions

My church is looking for a new pastor. How can I get help for our pastor search committee and see pastor resumes?

The SCBC has a resume services portal where you can submit your church’s information and our Strong Team will work to send you appropriate resumes. You can also contact your local association and communicate with them for potential resources they offer locally. For more information, contact [email protected]

Does the South Carolina Baptist Convention provide insurance for pastors, pastor’s spouses or widows, church workers, or missionaries?

Insurance for church workers is not provided directly through our state convention. However, Guidestone, which adopts the beliefs and statements of faith of the Southern Baptist Convention, offers insurance plans designed exclusively for those in ministry. You can call Guidestone at (844) 467 – 4843.

Can the South Carolina Baptist Convention help my church resolve a conflict?

All of our South Carolina Baptist churches are autonomous in nature and the SCBC cannot in any official capacity intervene in a church conflict. That being said, depending on the situation, we can offer counsel to a church that is going through a difficult season. Contact [email protected] for more information.

I am looking for job openings at a South Carolina Baptist church. How do I go about that?

Our resume services portal also offers ministry workers looking for a church the opportunity to upload their resumes. Our Strong Team will then take that resume and match it with appropriate search committees across our state. You can also contact the local association of the area you would like to pastor and ask if they know of any availability.

How do I remove myself or someone else from an SCBC mailing list?

On the envelope of the mail you are receiving, a specific SCBC department should be listed. You can call us at (803) 765 – 0030 and ask for that specific department, and our team members will help remove you or someone else from the mailing list in question.

When is the SCBC Annual Meeting? Can I set up a booth?

Any currently released information about this year’s Annual Meeting can be found here. If you have inquiries about setting up a booth at the Annual Meeting, you can contact [email protected]

How do I access my church’s SBC ID number?

If you have received any official records from us here at the SCBC, your SBC church ID will be listed in that mail. You can also call us at (803) 765 – 0030 and we can help retrieve that information for you.

How do I change my church’s information with the SCBC (updated leadership, phone numbers, email or mailing addresses, etc.)?

Give us a call at (803) 765 – 0030 and we are happy to update your church’s information in our database.