We help churches identify needs and opportunities in their communities and offer support as they launch successful ministries within those communities.


Many of the needs of your community can be traced back to insufficient education. 
Heart4Schools is a proactive approach to dealing with potential future needs within a community.

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Disaster Relief

Learn more about the Disaster Relief efforts of South Carolina Baptists.

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Through the South Carolina Hunger Relief Offering, the South Carolina Baptist Convention is able to financially partner with SCBC congregations and ministries to help alleviate hunger in South Carolina. A percentage of the offering is also shared with the International and North American Mission Boards for hunger relief ministry efforts.

For Envelopes, Contact the SERVE Office at 803.227.6064

SC Hunger Relief Statistics

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Orphan Care

Carry out His legacy and make a difference in the life of a child.
We in South Carolina can come together as one to be the light for vulnerable children everywhere.

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The Power of Connection

April 29 from 6pm - 8pm

We know that kids learn differently - even in Sunday School. The Power of Connection virtual training is designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children. This trauma informed training will be valuable to all teachers in all situations. 


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Awareness Engagement Development

Seeing our communities, and not just looking at them, offers insight into how God might be working in our midst.

How could you begin to see your community from a new perspective?  Where might you find some blind spots that could be addressed? 

More than food and clothing – Compassion Ministries, at its best, is a movement of believers who create spaces for reconciliation and who speak up for the marginalized. 

How are you engaging your community with this kind of transformative love of God?

Ministry with the poor, vulnerable and marginalized is an invitation, not only to demonstrate God’s love, but to deepen our own experience of His love as well. 

 How could your church leverage its unique giftedness to impact communities for generations to come?

Our Team

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