International Partnerships

The Send Team establishes mission partnerships internationally with IMB field teams in strategic places around the world to connect SCBaptists so they can begin church and associational partnerships, increase prayer support, and send people on mission for the glory of God.

Pausing for Friday noon prayers, Muslims line the sidewalks near a mosque in Paris. IMB Photo

European Diaspora

Thousands of refugees migrating out of North Africa and the Middle East arrive in Europe looking for hope and a new life. Volunteers are needed to work alongside IMB personnel and national partners in many parts of Europe to share the hope of the Gospel with refugees.

Asia-Pacific Rim

The Asia-Pacific Rim is home to 2.3 billion people, living in 33 countries and representing nearly 30% of the world’s total population. Only 4.2% are followers of Jesus, and 43,454 men, women, and children are dying every day without Christ. There are so many ways to serve people from Asia-Pacific Rim countries, both there and in South Carolina. Check out upcoming events, resources, and stories below.


Angolan pastors and missionaries sing praise songs during a missions conference put on by the Angola Baptist Convention in Luanda.
Serve Tour Food bag

Sub-Saharan Africa

The partnership between SCBaptists and the IMB in Sub-Saharan Africa began in May 2023, when a team of African American leaders went on a vision trip. Now they are forming partnerships with IMB teams in several countries. 




International SCGo Projects

SCGo Projects are made up of Vision Trips and Go Experiences.

Experienced team leaders lead Vision Trips under the direction of the Send Team. Mission leaders can join a team and we will provide training, logistics, and coordination with field partners. The purpose of these projects is to help establish mission partnerships.

Go Experiences are gateway opportunities for SCBaptist churches to serve on short-term trips with IMB teams. IMB facilitates the field connection, pre-trip training, ground expenses and logistics, and travel arrangements.

International Mission Partnerships Advance Stories

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