See the difference you can make.

The Cooperative Program is the financial fuel for seeing a day where every life is saturated and transformed by the hope of the Gospel. We've built this tool to help you see how far your funds can go through the Cooperative Program - supporting missions beginning in South Carolina and extending across our nation and our world.

Donations made through the Cooperative Program are allocated among mission and ministry organizations to further promote the spread of the Gospel in our State, our Nation, and our World. Below are the allocation percentages from which the Cooperative Program donations are disbursed the month following receipt from the donor.


Since 1925, the Cooperative Program is how the Southern Baptist Convention, and state conventions like SCBC, have funded missions and ministries.

Cooperating churches give a percentage of their undesignated tithes and offerings to ministry outside the church walls. Those funds go to the Cooperative Program, which supports everything from church planting and Christian higher education to international missions and disaster relief.

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