MARCH 25 - APRIL 7, 2024
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Join SCBaptist churches March 25 through April 7, 2024 for two weeks of concentrated prayer and sharing the Gospel leading up to Baptism Sunday.

Let's unite in prayer together in three ways:

1. Ask God to give us boldness to share the Gospel with co-workers, neighbors, family,and friends.

2. Ask God to draw the lost in South Carolina to Himself.

3. Ask God for new believers to step forward in obedience for baptism on April 7.


Four out of five people in South Carolina are not involved in a church and over three million South Carolinians have no faith in Jesus.

Text “PrayForSC” to 22999

Sign up for daily text reminders and prayer requests DURING THE 14 Days of Prayer FOR THE LOST OF SOUTH CAROLINA.


Together, let's celebrate new life in Christ and baptisms!

God is using evangelistic efforts to prepare a harvest of new believers.  SCBaptist churches across our state are calling people to salvation and then to take the first step of obedience by being baptized.

To celebrate this life transformation, send our Creative Team video and/or photos from your baptisms to us at creative@scbaptist.org. so we can rejoice with all that God is doing in your church and community.

Daily Prayer Prompts

SCBaptists will be dedicating March 25 through April 7, 2024, to praying for and sharing the Gospel with lost people in our communities and families. Please join us in praying for the lost with each prayer prompt. Identify three people you can specifically pray these prayers over during the next two weeks.

Ask God to help you see and begin conversations with the lost in your community. Ask God to help you have genuine compassion for those far from him.

Learn more about the 14 Days of Prayer for the lost of South Carolina

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