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What's Your NextStep?

Having a vision of the preferred future for your church and knowing how to get there are two very different things. Enlisting people, building the organization, and leading a team of leaders requires a plan. You’re their leader.

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What is NextStep?

  • A resource for ministers who benefit from one-on-one coaching

  • A means of defining current reality and charting a course to a preferred future

  • A customized plan for leading your church, in your context, with the resources God has given you

  • A process of understanding how to work with the people in your church to make kingdom impact

  • A step-by-step plan to assist ministers to fulfill God’s call in the role and location He has called you to serve

  • A reproducible process ministers can use to develop key leaders and maximize their contributions and results

  • A means of aligning activities with the church’s mission and vision

  • Access to valuable training, coaching, and exclusive resources

  • A resource that provides ministers with a plan to lead your church to serve needs, share hope, send workers, and start new work among the lost and unchurched in your community and around the world!

Why It Works

NextStep is an investment in you as the spiritual leader of your church. Your church is unique and should be led to become all it can be. The NextStep process begins with an intense investment in you as the leader and then guides you in building a team and organization that supports the vision and mission God gives you. You will develop a plan to intentionally lead your church to fulfill its the purpose with a NextStep catalyst walking with you through each step.

Next Step Small Groups

Here's Our Process

Commit To Lead

We help you determine the readiness of the minister to lead his church to a preferred future.

Lead Self

This process creates accountability between the minister and a catalyst to establish or enhance spiritual disciplines and increase self-awareness.

Lead Others

We encourage ministers to recognize and embrace those around him to create a powerful ministry team.

Lead Organization

This process challenges ministers to evaluate how the church is currently organized and to prepare for future opportunities.

Lead Church

We emphasize the importance of a clear mission, vision, and values while leading the church toward the preferred future.

Lead Kingdom Impact

This is a path to impact lostness beyond the church by serving needs, sharing hope, sending workers and starting new work.

Lead Ministry Leaders

We equip ministers to coach other ministers.

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