2021 Nominations

Ministry Partner Trustees

Ministry Partner Trustees serve 5-year terms. One-fifth (1/5) of the trustees shall retire from each board each year. As of 2021, Ministry Partner Boards must maintain the 80/20 ratio from either group of ordained church employees and the laity. New trustees must attend an orientation meeting at the Convention Building each year. This meeting typically happens in February or March.


Executive Board

The Executive Board members serve a 5-year term. The full Board meets three times a year: April, October, and December. Board members are encouraged to attend the Convention Annual Meeting in November. Membership of the board is divided into two groups: one group is comprised of ordained church employees and one group is comprised of the laity. The Board must maintain an 80/20 ratio from either group. The Executive Board constitutes the Board of Directors of the South Carolina Baptist Convention and all details are published online in the Convention Bylaws.


Convention Standing Committees

The Bylaws Committee has nine members serving a 3-year term. Three members rotate each year. This group periodically reviews Convention procedures to ensure compliance with our legal documents—Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws Parts 1 and 2, plus the Standing Rules of the Executive Board and the Business and Financial Plan of the Executive Board.