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Equipping Women in Ministry

Equipping Women in Ministry

Equipping Women in Ministry

“God led me into ministry through a moment at a church service my freshman year of college,” Jordan Melgar said.

“He really just laid it on my heart, and I felt like in the middle of the service that I was just supposed to do ministry from there on out with my job.”

Aside from that moment, she shared that the Lord used Scripture and her community to confirm her calling. Reflecting on her experiences, Jordan said, “I’ve seen God work in my life through ministry, just through the ways that he has been able to redeem parts of my story.”

As part of the Catalyst program, Jordan Melgar emcees for the Minister’s Wives Retreat.

Becoming a Catalyst

One pivotal moment in Melgar’s journey came through her involvement in the Catalyst program, a transformative experience that equipped her with the tools and mentorship needed to thrive in her ministry roles. As a Catalyst, Melgar found guidance and a community of like-minded individuals who shared her calling for ministry.

“The Catalyst program helped prepare me for my current ministry role in a lot of ways,” Melgar explains. “It allowed me to be mentored in what I’m called to do and just get encouraged. It honestly helped me find ways to do ministry at my university.”

Although she felt there were not many opportunities for ministry at the public university she attended, the experience as a Catalyst helped her find ways to do ministry on campus. She felt that the program prepared her for doing ministry in real-world scenarios, a necessary skill for believers as they engage those around them on a daily basis for Christ.

Melgar sits with a friend at a local coffee shop.

Encouraging Women in Ministry

She also wants to invite more women into the Catalyst program. “Women should be Catalysts because it is so important to remember that you do not have to be called to being a worship leader or to children’s ministry to be a female who’s called to ministry,” Melgar said. “God calls us all into very specific things and very big things for his Kingdom.”

Melgar’s experience as a Catalyst led her to become the Local Missions Coordinator at Church at the Mill, where she can live out her calling by engaging the local community for Christ.

Jordan’s message to women called to ministry is one of encouragement. “The Lord does not call the equipped, but he equips the called,” she said.

For her, knowing that she will not be perfect at the tasks before her frees her up to trust the Lord as she follows him in her calling. “Whatever it is that the Lord is asking you to do, just know that he is walking with you.”

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