Last Sunday, 300,000 SC Baptists met for worship while over 3.6 million people were unengaged in any Christian church.  What if every SC Baptist took personal responsibility for 3 people far from God each year?  Every life in SC would be saturated with the Gospel in 5 years.

The Evangelism Team exists to help the church share hope. We do this through
Experiences that Inspire, Labs that Inform, and Co-horts to Implement.
We follow a Luke 10 philosophy to pray for every home, care for every neighbor, and share with every life through relational evangelism, ministry evangelism, and mass evangelism efforts. Connect with a team member today to start the conversation.


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If every SC Baptist prayed for 3 neighbors far from God by name, lostness in SC would be saturated in prayer in 5 years.Bless Every Home


Lost people are looking for people who care more than a nice church to go to.
Heart 4 Schools


If every SC Baptist shared the gospel with one lost person each year, we would saturate the state in a decade.Who's Your One?

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