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Rock Hill Storm – SCDR Response

Rock Hill Storm – SCDR Response

Rock Hill Storm – SCDR Response

(Updates are included below the original article)

Chainsaw units are mobilizing in response to Saturday evening’s surprise tornado in Rock Hill. Five units are scheduled to gather at a church near the damaged area on Monday morning, April 23. After receiving assignments, they will disperse to assist residents having tree damage.

Mike Wallace, Associational Mission Strategist (formerly known as Director of Missions) for the York Baptist Association, will serve as the on-site coordinator for the DR units. He spent Saturday evening and Sunday surveying the area, doing home assessments, and communicating with the county’s Emergency Management office in preparation for the arrival of SCBaptist Disaster Relief units.

Please pray for the residents affected by the storm, and for the volunteers who will be running chainsaws, dragging branches, and sharing the hope of Christ in Rock Hill.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024 Update

Four chainsaw units worked Monday, April 22 in Rock Hill. Most were able to complete 3-4 jobs each. Three of those units will return today with teams to continue working. These additional teams will also be working Tuesday. 

  1. Chester Assoc.
  2. Kershaw Assoc. 

The York Assoc. provided lunch Monday for the teams. Local churches will provide biscuits/coffee for breakfast and lunch today.

Friday, April 26, 2024 Update

The city of Rock Hill has asked that we send additional chainsaw units to assist their residents with recovery from the wind microburst of last weekend.

Unit Leaders are asked to see if their unit can go to Rock Hill on Monday (April 29), Tuesday (April 30), or both days. Earlier this week we used teams within commuting distance, but units that are further away are needed too! Overnight lodging for up to 15 people is available at the associational office if there are teams that can stay over Monday night.

Four chainsaw units are confirmed to serve on Monday, April 29: Camp Creek Church (Lancaster); Edgefield Association; Midlands; Waccamaw Assoc/North Conway Church. Two of those will also serve on Tuesday: Camp Creek and North Conway.

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