Ongoing Chainsaw ALERT- EF2 Tornado

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Update April 19, 2017 – Eight chainsaw units have participated in the tornado recovery efforts, with several of them working multiple days. Plans are for the response to be completed on April 21 when the Laurens Association unit makes one more trip to the site.

4/9/17 – The response to the EF2 tornado in Johnston and Ward, SC continues, and Chainsaw Units are urged to respond ASAP. If you are a chainsaw-trained SC Disaster Relief volunteer, please contact your Unit Leader about deploying with the unit. Unit leaders, please gather team members and notify the state DR office of your unit’s availability. Assistance is needed through Easter weekend and possibly beyond. We will use one-day teams, or provide housing if a unit can stay more than one day.

In the first four days of the response, four chainsaw units have deployed: Ridge Association unit (4 days), Ridge/Richland Springs Baptist Church unit (4 days), Edgefield Association unit (2 days), and Aiken Association unit (1 day). In addition to cutting trees and removing debris, unit members and chaplains have made numerous ministry and chaplaincy contacts with people affected by the tornado and hail.

Many of the trees damaged by the tornado are very large. There was some structural damage, but thankfully, many trees fell “just right” to narrowly miss houses.

Please pray for the residents of Ward and Johnston, for the DR volunteers, and if you are a volunteer, please pray about your part in responding to this disaster.


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