Obituary Listings in SCBC Annuals

Obituary Listings in the SCBC Convention Annuals

Each year within the pages of the SCBC Convention Annual, a listing is posted of ministers who have died during the past year.  A list has been complied for names that were listed from the beginning of our record keeping through 1940.  You can access this list at the link below.  Listings after 1940 are available through Historical Services at the South Carolina Baptist Convention. 

We hope this list will be beneficial to you and your church for your historical records.  Please contact Jane Poster by email - - or by phone - 803.227.6029 - for information or assistance. 

Obituary Listings in SCBC Convention Annuals

*Note:  The letters BC in the Year Listed column indicate that an obituary appeared in The Baptist Courier, the SCBC state newspaper.