Could You Use…?

A friend is making HAND SANITIZER available to churches/associations for ministry use. It comes in various sizes (pictured) and can be picked up by the case or pallet. Some ways to use it:

  • In your church’s classrooms
  • For your church to give to a nearby school
  • At ministry events in the community
  • To donate to help local non-profits, food banks, etc.

Churches could go together to share a pallet or two – take a trailer for large quantities, a pickup truck for smaller. For more information and to arrange pick-up, contact Ricky Burns at 910-409-0228. Location: North Myrtle Beach area.

Added Note: there are also supplies of laundry detergent, shampoo, body wash, etc. – if you could use these items in your church, or to give to a homeless shelter/women’s shelter, or on your DR shower/laundry unit – contact Ricky at the number above.