Job Description for Minister of Youth/Students

Biblical References
1 Timothy 4:12, 2 Timothy 2:22, 1 Peter 5:5

Bylaws Description for Minister of Youth/Students
The Minister of Youth/Students is responsible for giving directions to the overall educational and activities ministry of grades six through twelve to promote evangelism and discipleship by planning, promoting, coordinating, conducting and evaluating the youth activities of the church.

Policy and Procedures Description for Minister of Youth/Students
Service Title: Minister of Youth/Students

Ministry Purpose: To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, to teach the biblical revelations, to implement planning the administrative aspects of Youth Ministry and services to the church and community.

Service Relationships: The Minister of Youth/Students is under the direction of the Pastor and may be supervised by the Minister of Education or Age Group Coordinator.

Primary Functions:

  1. Provide Pastoral Ministry with the Youth Ministry family (youth, parents of youth and youth leaders)   and coordinate the training of others to do likewise.
  2. Coordinate the weekly youth education organizations.
  3. Coordinate an overall youth curriculum plan for the church for a balanced comprehensive Christian education to Youth/Students.
  4. Coordinate and implement an annual youth ministry budget proposal, and administer that budget as approved by the Budget/Finance Committee.
  5. Create events for parents of youth related to their parenting roles, and activities for parents and youth.
  6. Assist with youth leadership in providing opportunities for members of the youth ministry family to be directly involved in missions and ministry – both locally and outside the community.
  7. Coordinate the training and mentoring of members of the youth ministry family sensing a call to ministry vocation.
  8. Coordinate the planning to ensure Youth/Students experience personal worship and praise through preaching and music activities.
  9. Coordinate the enlisting, discipling, training and motivating of adults to serve in youth ministry, in cooperation with the Nominating Committee.
  10. Share the gospel with lost youth/students and lost parents on an ongoing basis, both individually and cooperatively.
  11. Create and implement an overall youth evangelism strategy for the church.
  12. Network with other evangelical youth leaders in the community to support youth in starting and strengthening school campus ministries.

Disclaimer: All job descriptions/service descriptions are intended as a guide and may or may not fit the vision, purpose and practice of every church.

Robert Grant