SC Connect Project- Japan

Project 1

Volunteers will head onto several college campuses during Week of Welcome, the beginning of the Spring Semester. With over 20 universities in this city, volunteer groups will meed new students, build connectsion and help connect students to our team and local partners’ ongoing ministry.

Project 2

This team would attend a retreat and minister to ateam of IMB missionaries. They need childcare for one infant, a 4-year-old, two elementary school students, and 4-5 teenagers. They would also be interested in having people from your team provide devotional and worship times for our team throughout the retreat.

Project 3

The purpose is to help local ministries along with our Japanese partners with the work for the Kingdom in promoting events and/or other ministries such as English Bible Class.This opportunity requires a team gifted with the ability to sing and perform well, either without the support of any instruments or with the support of a portable instrument.