Updated 2-26-15

Winter Storms

As various storm systems move through our state during the winter, please be sure to take necessary precautions to protect family, pipes, and pets! We also want to remind DR Unit Leaders to make sure your units & equipment are protected adequately. If there is damage in your area, Disaster Relief volunteers are encouraged to respond to local needs and notify the state office of your activities. If the extent of the damage is such that you need help from outside your area, let us know and we will coordinate unit deployments. 803-227-6149 or sueharmon@scbaptist.org

Regional Training Events

Registration is open for the 2015 Regional Disaster Relief Training events. Please click on the title in the sidebar for information and registration options. Please note: two classes have been dropped from the schedule due to health issues of the trainer - Earthquake Awareness and Emergency Response Team (ERT). We regret any inconvenience this causes.

Reminder to Unit Leaders:

Keep your unit stocked with Bibles to give to homeowners that your unit assists. If you are running low on Bibles, pick up a box at one of the training events, or let the DR Office know.

"I'm Not Trained, But..."

Several years ago, there was a popular commercial that showed a man preparing to do surgery when everyone began to realize that perhaps he was not up to the task. The man's response to their concern was, "I may not be a doctor, but I stayed at a 'brand-name hotel' last night." I cannot answer for you, but I really do not want that man doing surgery on me. And yet, sometimes we are that way when it comes to ministry. "Hey, I am not really prepared to minister to you, but I did stay at a 'brand-name hotel' last night." Read more... 

Calling for Construction Crew Chiefs & Support- Sandy Rebuild

"We are still finding folks who are living in cars, or in homes that have not been repaired," says Mickey Caison of the North American Mission Board, referring to ongoing rebuild efforts from Superstorm Sandy in New York and New Jersey.  Read HERE a letter from Mickey describing the kind of help that is needed.

Disaster Relief Newsletter

The latest newsletter is now available; click HERE to view or print. Thank you for your patience as we "catch up" after being short-handed last year!

Disaster Relief Units in South Carolina

The following are the types of Disaster Relief teams and equipment in our state (click on each for a brief description) :


Disaster Relief Office

The Disaster Relief Office strives to train leaders, develop new teams, and lead in Christian discipleship and evangelism in the area of Disaster Relief as SC Baptists bring help, healing, and hope during local, state, national, and international disasters. 

Contact Us:

Randy Creamer, Director
Disaster Relief & Men's Ministry Office
803.227.6174 (Office)
800.723.7242 (Toll Free)
803.799.1044 (Fax)

Sue Harmon, Operations Manager
Disaster Relief & Men's Ministry Office
803.227.6149 (Office)
800.723.7242 (Toll Free)
803.799.1044 (Fax)