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 Updated 10-2-15

All Units on ALERT for Storm Response

Given the historic rainfall/flooding expected from the current storm system, all Disaster Relief units are now on ALERT - you may be needed to respond. Volunteers are urged to closely monitor conditions in your area, and do what you need to do to personally be prepared. As appropriate, secure your family and property against whatever potential damage is possible in your area. State-wide, all units prepare to be available for a Disaster Relief response to flooding.

If shelters are opened, FEEDING or CHILD CARE units may be needed , as well as SHELTERING volunteers.

Since trees, especially on slopes, are already falling over due to  ground saturation, CHAINSAW units will be needed. Falling trees also bring down power lines, so COMMUNICATIONS volunteers may be activated.

With flooding certain to occur, ASSESSMENT and MUD-OUT units will be activated as needed when the waters recede.

As with any disaster, CHAPLAINS are deployed whenever other units are activated.

Watch here and follow us on Facebook for  updates on SC Disaster Relief actions in response to these weather events.

UPDATE: John's Island Tornado Response

Due to the tremendous amount of rainfall expected in the next few days, there has been a "stand-down" of the teams that were scheduled to serve on John's Island.

Donations are being accepted for Flood Disaster Relief.  Please click here to donate.

Disaster Relief Appreciation Day - Nov. 1, 2015

The first Sunday of November has been designated on the Southern Baptist Convention calendar as a special day to recognize and raise awareness of Disaster Relief ministries.  For suggestions on how your church can participate, CLICK HERE.

For Chaplains

We occasionally want to make you aware of opportunities beyond what SC DR is able to offer for improving your skills as a chaplain. The following is a listing of events of which we are aware. Please contact the sponsoring entities for information and registration.

Sharing Hope in Crisis - a one-day seminar to help you know what to say, or not to say, to share the love of Christ with friends, neighbors, or co-workers in crisis. November 14, 2015 at Rice Memorial Baptist Church, Greenwood

CISM training - Critical Incident Stress Management training will teach you to help individuals or groups begin recovering from crisis.

NOVA training - National Organization for Victim Assistance provides crisis response team training at basic and advanced levels.

SC Couples Serve Across the Nation

Answering the call to minister to others, two DR couples from South Carolina have served recently out-of-state. Wayne and Peggy Pendley from Bellview Baptist Church in Woodruff, SC made a ministry connection through a "bear" in the Detroit area. Harold and Barbara Lunsford from Forestville Baptist Church in Greenville, SC served as chaplains at the motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. Click on the pictures to read more...
Wayne & Peggy Pendley serve as feeding team for Detroit RebuildMotorcycle at Sturgis, SD

Financial Donations are being accepted for Nepal earthquake relief efforts- click here to donate.

Disaster Relief Units in South Carolina

The following are the types of Disaster Relief teams and equipment in our state (click on each for a brief description) :


Disaster Relief Office

The Disaster Relief Office strives to train leaders, develop new teams, and lead in Christian discipleship and evangelism in the area of Disaster Relief as SC Baptists bring help, healing, and hope during local, state, national, and international disasters. 

Contact Us:

Randy Creamer, Director
Disaster Relief & Men's Ministry Office
803.227.6174 (Office)
800.723.7242 (Toll Free)
803.799.1044 (Fax)

Sue Harmon, Operations Manager
Disaster Relief & Men's Ministry Office
803.227.6149 (Office)
800.723.7242 (Toll Free)
803.799.1044 (Fax)












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