Updated Oct. 15, 2014


Disaster Relief Appreciation Day - Nov. 2, 2014

The first Sunday of November has been designated on the Southern Baptist Convention calendar as a special day to recognize and raise awareness of Disaster Relief ministries. The inaugural DR Appreciation Day will come this year on Sunday, November 2. Churches are encouraged to choose from various options in observance of DR Appreciation Day, such as:

  • Show a brief video during or just before morning worship to let people know about Disaster Relief. A video can be downloaded here.
  • Invite a Disaster Relief volunteer to speak on what the ministry has meant in their life and in the lives of those that have received DR help.
  • Provide a display of Disaster Relief photos and information.
  • Provide an insert in the bulletin or worship guide that gives basic information about Disaster Relief.
  • Churches that have DR teams or volunteers may ask them to wear their Disaster Relief shirts or badges to the worship service. Recognize them by having them stand, and/or come to the front. Have a special prayer for the DR volunteers and their ministries.
  • Churches with DR units may set up the unit in the church parking lot and have volunteers available to give "tours" and talk about the unit's ministry.
  • Show the video about South Carolina DR's response to the ice storm last February (see sidebar). This was the largest deployment of DR teams in our state since Hurricane Hugo!

Encourage your church to celebrate Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Appreciation Day!

Disaster Relief Units in South Carolina

The following are the types of Disaster Relief teams and equipment in our state (click on each for a brief description) :


Disaster Relief Office

The Disaster Relief Office strives to train leaders, develop new teams, and lead in Christian discipleship and evangelism in the area of Disaster Relief as SC Baptists bring help, healing, and hope during local, state, national, and international disasters. 

Contact Us:

Randy Creamer, Director
Disaster Relief & Men's Ministry Office

803.227.6174 (Direct Line)

800.723.7242 (Toll Free)
803.799.1044 (Fax)