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Shining A Light Through Disaster Relief

Shining A Light Through Disaster Relief

Pastor Dan Fogle of Rosemary Baptist Church in Williston, South Carolina led a Chainsaw Unit from the Barnwell Bamberg Baptist Association to Arcadia, Florida after the destruction caused by Hurricane Ian. Teams worked on tarping roofs and moving and cutting up debris left in the storm’s wake. “We’re doing this to honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” Fogle said. “We’re helping others in Jesus’ name.”

Pastor Fogle said the Chaplain spent much of his time as people were sharing and pouring out their hearts to him of all the things they have going on in their lives. “That’s why we’re doing this,” Fogle said. “We’re letting our light shine for Jesus.”

SCBaptist Disaster Relief strives to bring help, hope, and healing after a crisis. With 11 different ways to serve, there’s a place for everyone and every church.

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  • Sue Harmon

    Sue Harmon

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