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A Life Transformed after Disaster

A Life Transformed after Disaster

A Life Transformed after Disaster

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian in September 2022 in Arcadia, Florida, an SCBaptist Disaster Relief team embarked on a mission to assist those affected by the disaster.

Amid the debris and fallen trees, they encountered an individual whose life would be forever changed. Kenneth Christian, a 78-year-old resident, not only found physical relief in the team’s efforts but also experienced a spiritual transformation.

Among the jobs assigned to the team, one particular assignment led them to Christian’s home. The yard was scattered with fallen trees, with one lying dangerously close to the front of his house, and two others in the side yard. As the team got acquainted with Christian, they discovered that his faith journey had been rather intermittent. Although he had attended church as a child and sporadically as an adult, he honestly admitted that he was not a Christ-follower.

Christian expressed his overwhelming gratitude to God for sparing him and his house from harm during the storm. The impact of this close call consumed his thoughts, leaving him pondering how easily the fallen trees could have caused severe damage or even cost him his life. It was in this vulnerable state that the SCBaptist Disaster Relief team found an opportunity to share God’s plan of salvation.

A Life-Altering Conversation

Seeing an opportunity to share the Gospel, the team engaged Christian in a conversation about faith. They introduced him to key passages from the Bible, including several passages from Romans which explained the path to eternal life. To their joy, Christian expressed his desire to live forever in Heaven and wholeheartedly embraced becoming a follower of Jesus.

Christian joined the team in prayer, seeking Jesus’ salvation and expressing repentance for his sins. This powerful moment marked a significant turning point in his life, as he accepted Christ into his heart.

Before departing, the SCBaptist Disaster Relief team gifted Christian with a Bible and several Gospel tracts, ensuring that he had the tools to nurture his newfound faith. They encouraged him to find a Bible-believing church where he could fellowship and grow spiritually. Additionally, they urged him to make daily Bible reading and prayer an integral part of his life, all of which Christian said he would do.


  • Sue Harmon

    Sue Harmon

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