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Disaster Relief Partners with RAM for a Free Medical Event

Disaster Relief Partners with RAM for a Free Medical Event

A RAM (Remote Area Medical) event took place in Greer, South Carolina, and offered free medical, dental, and vision check-ups and evaluations for those without insurance. The event was hosted at Greer High School and was supported by SCBaptist Disaster Relief. Volunteers provided meals for the service providers who were there to offer their services to those who came for clinical services.

Taking care of the body physically enables someone to share their faith as well, as one volunteer shared, “We were able to feed folks, take care of their dental, vision and medical, and then they ask you why are you here? Why are you giving up a Saturday to be here? Then you have an opportunity to say, ‘Well, I like to volunteer for the community, but, more importantly, I want to share what Jesus did in my life.'”

The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief offers services to those affected by disasters, as one member explained, “In many cases, their most vulnerable moments after a natural disaster has occurred, but those are not the only time individuals experience disasters.” By supporting Ram, they provided an opportunity for those potentially experiencing a new disaster in their life to receive help, using their training to support those in need.

The volunteers expressed gratitude towards the people of the South Carolina Baptist Convention who were present to help ensure that they were fed, as one volunteer noted, “It’s just absolutely huge, and we couldn’t do it without everybody.” SCBaptist Disaster Relief is known for showing up in times of disasters, including those not limited to natural disasters, emphasizing the importance of using trained volunteers to respond to individuals experiencing daily disasters in their everyday life.

  • Sue Harmon

    Sue Harmon

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