Children’s Ministry Sunday: Three Ways to Support Your Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry Sunday: Three Ways to Support Your Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry Sunday: Three Ways to Support Your Children’s Ministry

Join thousands of churches across the country as we celebrate Children’s Ministry Sunday on May 21, 2023. This is a great time to thank God for the ministry to kids, their families, and volunteers in your church.

Leading kids is exciting and always full of opportunity. Let’s look at three ways you can support your children’s ministry. 

Be part of the team!

What skills and gifts has God given you for children’s ministry? One of my most engaging Bible storytellers was a lawyer who loved to share God’s word during large group time. Maybe you love interacting with people and welcoming families. There are so many opportunities and our children’s ministry leaders need people who care, are dependable, and want to show the love of Jesus to our youngest generation. 

Challenge Questions: What has changed in this ministry that reflects a difference in the last four years? What does support look like to churched and unchurched families? How can you help?

Become a disciple maker.

We know that effective discipleship is needed for growth as followers of Christ. There are many kids and families who need someone to walk with them as they learn about Jesus for the very first time. Walking with families as they dive deeper in God’s word is an honor. God has entrusted us with telling them about the most important things we know and love: Jesus and His redemptive story. 

Challenge Questions: As a church, what is your discipleship plan or process for babies through adulthood? Do caregivers have what they need to disciple children at home as they grow and thrive? Who are you walking alongside today? 

Be real.

Families are searching for answers. Every church member needs to be about the business of the Father and consistently pointing people to Jesus. In Acts 28:31, it says, “He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ – with all boldness and without hindrance.” Prayerfully and boldly ask that God will provide opportunities for children to see, hear, and respond to the Gospel. Pray that you will surrender to the Holy Spirit’s prompting today. May our mission be to support families and ministries by helping children know and love Jesus so that they can become followers of Him. 

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