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Equipping Church Leaders through VBS Expo

Equipping Church Leaders through VBS Expo

Lifeway Christian Resources is on a mission to help church leaders in their evangelistic endeavors through Vacation Bible School programs.

The VBS Expo is SCBaptist’s premier VBS training event, utilizing Lifeway’s support to equip church leaders. Attendees participating in VBS Expo gain insights into crafting safe, enjoyable, and Gospel-centered environments for children. Lifeway offers a wealth of resources, including diverse curricula, promotional materials, training guides, and more, to ensure every VBS experience is transformative. 

Attendee Katie Finley explains, “In today’s world, the Gospel is not always the first thing that comes to children’s minds, so VBS is a crucial Gospel opportunity for churches.”

A Crucial Opportunity

She says, “VBS is not just a week of fun activities, but an opportunity to show kids that religion and church can be enjoyable and exciting. By creating a fun and engaging environment, VBS can combat the distractions of screens and technology and demonstrate that what they are doing in a small or big church is just as fun as what the media is promoting.”

For every leader trained at the VBS Expo, statistics show an estimated 1.1 salvations. The ripple effect is significant, extending to families and encouraging Gospel conversations to continue at home. “These strategic breakouts that are on using VBS as a catalyst for family discipleship is huge,” Justin Garrett, Worship Pastor at Central Baptist Church Gaffney, said. Through VBS, SCBaptists reach communities with the life-changing message of Christ. 

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    SCBaptist Creative Team

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