Tips for Promoting VBS

Tips for Promoting VBS

By effectively promoting VBS within our churches, we can create excitement, generate support, and inspire individuals of all ages to come together in unity and make a lasting impact on the lives of those involved.

Promoting VBS in our churches

  1. Announce the dates. Publicize the dates for VBS early and often.
  2. Posters. Put up posters around the church, making sure to include information on how to volunteer, how to donate, and how to sign up children to attend.
  3. Use social media. Utilize church social media accounts and web pages to publicize information about VBS.
  4. Be creative! As an example, you could involve your pastor or children’s pastor by having him dress up according to the VBS theme.
  5. Teach VBS music. Start teaching the VBS music early in children’s ministry, Sunday school classes, and small groups.

Promoting VBS in our community

  1. Put up yard signs. Pass out yard signs to church members to put in their front yards.
  2. Make invitations. Kids can take these to give out to their friends and families.
  3. Post on social media and community outreach boards. Consider asking local businesses to put up flyers on announcement boards.

Promotion is a vital part of VBS. Get creative and get the word out about VBS so that we can reach as many as possible for the Kingdom!

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