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Disaster Relief Partners with SC State Guard

Disaster Relief Partners with SC State Guard

Disaster Relief Partners with SC State Guard

SCBaptist Disaster Relief (SCDR) recently collaborated with the South Carolina State Guard in a four-day training exercise held at North Field in Orangeburg.

SCBaptist DR’s participation involved setting up a feeding unit and providing all meals for the exercise, demonstrating their commitment to serving communities in times of need.

Developing Valuable Relationships

Jamie Cribb, the pastor of Harleyville First Baptist Church and a Chaplain for SCDR expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration. Having been part of the SCDR program for three years and deployed for various natural disasters, Cribb recognized the significance of training alongside the State Guard. Cribb expressed that “creating relationships between us and the State Guard now helps so that they know how we work and we know how they work when a natural disaster happens.” This joint effort allowed both organizations to improve their capabilities and readiness, enabling them to better serve individuals facing hardships.

Cribb explained that DR involves providing assistance to individuals who have experienced hardships or struggles. For him, it is an opportunity to offer a helping hand while also sharing the Word and love of God with those in need. The feeding unit deployed for the exercise is one of five mass feeding units in SCDR, with the capacity to handle 15,000 meals for extended periods. Although the scale of this exercise was smaller, the experience provided valuable training for the volunteers in setting up and organizing operations, fostering preparedness for future disaster responses.

A Controlled Environment for Training

Susan Peugh, SCBaptist Disaster Relief Director, highlighted the significance of the exercise as a controlled training environment. “It’s just an unbelievable experience for us to have our own training experience without having to also manage a disaster,” Peugh said. This unique opportunity offered SCBaptist DR volunteers a chance to hone their expertise and techniques while gaining confidence in their abilities.

Tina Ford, the unit leader for the cooking unit, expressed her gratitude for the training exercise. As a first-time unit leader, the event provided a less stressful environment for her to gain experience and learn the necessary processes. “The more we train with less stress, the better we handle ourselves under stress,” Ford said.

SCBaptist Disaster Relief’s participation in the South Carolina State Guard training exercise at North Field in Orangeburg showcased their commitment to preparedness, collaboration, and service. Richland County Sherrif Leon Lott also presented Director Susan Peugh with a plaque in appreciation for SCDR’s participation in the exercise. By working closely with the State Guard and other organizations, SCDR continues to strengthen its ability to respond efficiently and compassionately during times of disaster.

  • Sue Harmon

    Sue Harmon

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