Funding the Mission

Funding the Mission

Funding the Mission

Since 1925, the Cooperative Program has been a driving force behind the work of South Carolina Baptists in fulfilling the Great Commission.

The Cooperative Program is a unified funding plan that allows churches to work together to support mission work, evangelism, education, disaster relief, and other vital ministries. 

A Collaborative Approach

Through the Cooperative Program, churches pool their resources to accomplish more together than they can alone. By working cooperatively, churches are able to support more missionaries and church plants and train more pastors and leaders, which helps to spread the Gospel to more people in more places.

This collaborative approach maximizes efficiency and impact, enabling congregations of all sizes to participate in a work that would be difficult for any one church to accomplish on their own. In short, the Cooperative Program promotes unity, streamlines financial stewardship, and strengthens our ability to complete the mission together.

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