SCBaptist Great Commission Giving

SCBaptist Great Commission Giving

SCBaptist Great Commission Giving

An advancing Great Commission church is a strong church that serves communities, shares hope with neighbors, sends missionaries around the world, and starts new churches.

Our total Great Commission investment through the Cooperative Program, special mission offerings, and direct giving can be categorized into these five areas. The primary investment is sending missionaries, with a large portion of that investment being in the International Mission Board, which fully funds 3,500 missionaries around the world.

Investing in our Communities

We invest in serving communities through the Connie Maxwell Children’s ministries, ministry of the aging, and connecting churches with schools to serve. Our premiere strategy to share hope is through our Baptist Collegiate Ministries and church evangelism efforts.

We invest in starting churches in SC and through the North American Mission Board. Finally, church leaders are strengthened through education and cohorts. Our investment in three Universities, 6 seminaries, and ongoing training helps to strengthen our leaders today and our future leaders of tomorrow.

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