Worship Summit Tech Track


Calling all TECHies of all descriptions and ability levels!  David Cook and Greg Simmons stand ready to customize these classes to your needs, the specific issues you are facing in your church, and your ability/experience level.  These two excellent teachers bring a level of expertise to the table tempered with a heart to help ALL church tech operators take it to the next level.  They will send a questionnaire to those who pre-register then offer classes based on your particular needs.  Amazing… training that is customized for YOU!  Don’t miss it.

Classes will cover: Sound enhancement concepts for live performance and recording, Digital and Analog Sound Board operation, Worship Presentation software, Ministry attitudes for Tech Operators, Orientation to webcasting your service, Lighting operation… and lots more. 




David Cook
Sound - David Cook

David grew up in a large family where performing music was a family tradition. Ever since David was a small child he was performing in front of crowds. In high school he started playing in other bands and touring around the country. In 2001 this love of music led him to study audio recording at the legendary Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, where he graduated with honors. There he cultivated his skills in manipulating sound waves and stretching the creative process. After leaving the sunshine state for Atlanta, GA David began recording music, touring the world, as both a musician and as a Front of House engineer, mixing live sound, consulting churches, and training church volunteers. After having twins David ended up moving back to Columbia and spent a few years working with a local firm designing sound systems and working closely with churches to take their ministry to the next level. David and his family currently live in downtown Columbia doing what he loves; working with creative people, and making sonic art. David has been recording everything from Hip-hop to Country; doing Sound Design and Post Production for Church Musicals, as well as recording dialog for commercials. For more than a decade now, David has been providing solid audio recording and mixing services for musicians, filmmakers, video producers, churches, and missions agencies. Recently David has been using his talents and experience to help churches learn the skills they need to run healthy and productive ministries by way of sound training and consulting. David is married to his wonderful wife, Alisha, and has twin boys, Isaac and Liam. They are also very musical even at age 7.

Greg Simmons
Media - Greg Simmons

Greg grew up around church media and got involved as an early teen mixing audio for church events and musicals. For nearly 30 years, Greg has volunteered in many roles from camera operator to Tech Arts ministry leader. His experience with ministries both large and small has given him a broad range of experience from "shoestring budget" technical arts teams to full TV production teams. Greg's professional career in IT - getting paid to be a geek - has lead him to focus on helping churches use technology effectively to expand their audiences, to engage others in conversation and to improve communication. Greg has been married to his wonderful, tolerant wife, Michelle, for 22 years and has a daughter Hannah, 16 and a son Ethan, 12.