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Women reaching out to women

South Asian women lead diverse lives. Some are loved and protected by their families; others are overlooked and mistreated. Most are hard workers. Iris and Gerald Honeycutt*, who grew up in South Carolina, help Christian women in South Asia to begin sewing centers with monetary support from South Carolina churches. The women share the Gospel in these centers as well as support their families with what they earn. They teach simple oral Bible stories to the women who come for class. Most of the women who attend are either Muslim or Hindu. They sit intently while listening to the stories from the Bible and ask questions. After several months, many are ready to cast aside their idols and religious beliefs and become followers of Jesus. Some women teach Bible stories by drawing henna on other women’s hands. One time, the Honeycutts taught a group of ten women how to tell stories and draw pictures of the Bible on their hands using henna, a reddish-brown paste. These ladies attended a women’s college, where they were asked a few days later to tell the stories of the drawings on their hands. Around 400 young girls who knew nothing about the Bible heard the stories. Many of those same girls now are believers and go out and share the stories of Jesus and His love. Pray for these South Asian women as well as the Honeycutts who recently returned to the States in response to a family emergency.

*Names changed

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