Missions Update: Connie Maxwell Children’s Home

 In Collegiate Missions 2017

The best thing that has happened this summer is getting to have discussions with some of the kids and helping them grow in their relationships with the Lord while also helping some of the kids see the Lord for the first time. One of my favorite things is going on walks and running into some of the kids and talking about how everything is going on in their lives and just be someone who is there to listen and be there for them in that time of need. Pray for strength and wisdom to continue answering questions that the kids have about the bible and walking in faith with the Lord. Pray also for energy that my partner and I will need for the rest of the summer and to use every moment to show these kids love and hope. – Grace

I think that the best thing that has happened so far is how fast I have built relationships with the kids. When I started here, one of my main goals was to be intentional about building as many relationships as possible and making them as strong as possible during the short amount of time I am here. I became attached to these kids so quickly and vice versa. I feel like I’ve been here with them for months instead of weeks. Continue to pray for these kids and the relationships my partner and I are building with them. Also pray for us as we finish up the second half of our ministry here. Pray that God will continue to use us as a light/friend to these kids and help us continue to grow personally while we are here. – Michaela

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