Resonate Kids Camp

July 28-August 1, 2014

White Oak Conference Center

Resonate: res×o×nate verb \re-zə-nāt\
1) To vibrate or sound, especially in response to another vibration

2) To have an effect or impact; to influence; to engender support
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What is Resonate Kids Camp?

The goal of Resonate Kids Camp is to lead children to move and act in response to God. We strive to equip children to reach their greatest potential in Christ to impact their home, family, friends, church and the world.

Resonate Kids Camp provides two options. Each camper chooses which one track they want to participate in for the week.

1. Music Track 2. Discipleship Track
a. Instrumental Class a. Bible Skills Class
b. General Interest Class b. General Interest Class
c. Bible Study c. Bible Study
d. Camp Choir d. Nature Encounter
e. Closing Ceremony Concert e. Mission Project
  f. Closing Ceremony Presentation

Campers in both tracks join together for worship services, recreation, evening entertainment, free time and meals. These are designed to allow children to interact with each other, with leadership and with God.

Free time options include swimming at the pool, inflates at the lake, and movies at the Hub Theater


  • Chaperones are required - 1 Adult per 4 campers of the same gender. Chaperones must be 21 years or older.
  • Secure competent chaperones. Because of the South Carolina Baptist Convention's commitment to ensuring the safety of children, all adults 18 years or older must consent to and be cleared by a background screening by the South Carolina Baptist Convention. Please go to for complete background screening instructions.
  • Chaperones for Music Mini-Camp may NOT chaperone campers for Resonate Kids Camp.

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A limited number of $50.00 Thomas H Westmoreland Summer Music Camp Scholarships will be available for Youth MusicArts Camp, Resonate Kids Camp - Music Track, and Children's Music Mini-Camp. Scholarships are determined by financial need and are applied directly to the cost of the camp.

Application deadline is April 30, 2014. Scholarship applicants will be notified by mail by May 15, 2014. Application forms are available on the
worship website:

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Resonate Kids Camp Class Choices

To print off a list of class choices, click on Resonate Class Choice Selections.pdf

General Interest Class Options – ALL Campers:

A. Balloon Sculpting - Balloon sculpting is an excellent outreach tool or a simple way to draw a crowd. Participants will learn basic twists, ties and how to sculpt several balloon creations. There will be a $10 materials fee for this class.
B. Banners - Campers will learn about the history and use of banners. In addition they will design and create banners to be used for Camp.
C. Beat It! - Everyday objects can be used to make music. Beat It! utilizes pots, pans, cans, etc. to create a fun and exciting rhythmic experience
D. Clowning - Be a clown, be a clown! In the entertainment world, clowns are in very high demand! In this class, learn the beginning steps to becoming a clown for Jesus. Make-up, costuming, performing and several clown skills will be covered. A bright colored T-shirt and solid colored hat will be needed for “clownification.”
E. Creative Movement - Use sign language, body movement and other means to interpret contemporary Christian songs.
F. Creative Writing - Basics of poetry and prose with plenty of time for writing.
G. Drama - Drama is an effective tool to communicate a message. Learn basic techniques in using drama to enhance your worship experiences.
H. Leather Craft - Practice using leather tools and create an item to take home. There is a $10 materials fee for this class.
J. Photography - Learn the basics of photography, practice with the camera and evaluate your results. There is a $10 materials fee for this class.
K. Pottery - Create keepsake items with potter’s clay. There is a $10 materials fee for this class.
L. Puppets - Puppets are a wonderful tool to use in outreach or in working with children. Learn how to operate a puppet, create skits and use puppets in your church.

Instrumental Class Options – Music Track ONLY:

P. Guitar - Guitar has become a very popular instrument to play in recent years. In this class, campers will learn the basics of playing and several chords for use in accompanying songs. Each participant must bring a guitar to camp.
Q. Handbells - Handbells are unique instruments that create a beautiful sound and are equally interesting to watch. Campers in the Handbell class will learn the basics of handbell ringing, specialized techniques and ring in a handbell choir. No previous experience is required.
R. Harmonica – There are few instruments more portable than a harmonica. If you have ever wanted to learn to play the harmonica, this is your opportunity. There is $5 instrument fee for this class
S. Keyboard (for beginners) –This class is for campers who are interested in an introductory course in learning to play the piano. The class is designed for students who have never had piano lessons. There is a $10 book fee for this class.
T. Percussion –Learn the basics of playing percussion instruments such as drums, xylophones and orchestra bells. There is a $6 drum stick fee for this class.
U. Recorder – The recorder is an easy-to-learn instrument that is fun to play and easy to transport. You will learn basic note reading, fingerings and simple songs in this class. There is a $5 instrument fee.
V. Strings –Strings class offers campers the opportunity to learn the basics of playing the violin. This is a class for beginners. A $10 instrument rental fee will be charged.

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Cost for Resonate Kids Camp

By May 19, 2014: $235.00 for campers; $180.00 for chaperones
After May 19, 2014: $250.00 for campers; $195.00 for chaperones
A deposit of $100.00 per person is required with registration.

Refund Policy: There will be NO refund for cancellations.

To Register by Mail:

1. Print off the Resonate Kids Camp Registration Form. Print off enough copies to complete one for every camper AND chaperone.  
2. Complete the form with Class Choice Selections for each camper.
3. Complete the Resonate Kids Camp Lodging Form.
4. Mail all forms and deposits/payments to the Resonate Kids Camp, Worship & Music Office, 190 Stoneridge Drive, Columbia, SC

To Register Online:
1. To register online, click on Resonate Kids Camp Online Registration
2. Complete the Resonate Kids Camp Lodging Form.
3. Send Lodging forms by fax to 803-799-1044 or scan and by email to

Background Screenings: Every effort will be made to ensure that everyone who comes to camp has a fun and safe stay; therefore, a yearly background check MUST be completed on EVERY ADULT 18 years or older WHO ATTENDS our Children's Music Camps. Your registration will not be complete, nor your camp date secured, until all adults in your group have been screened and approved by the South Carolina Baptist Convention. Please go to for complete background check instructions.

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Sponsored by the Worship & Music Office & Childhood Ministry Group of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. For more information please contact:

Worship & Music Office:

Ministry Assistant - Janet Altman at  or 803.227.6168
Childrens Camp Part-time Field Service Representative - Jasmine Lee at
Director - Mark Powers at  or 803.227.6166

Childhood Ministry Group:

Ministry Assistant - Mandy Chapman at  or 803.227.6160
Associate - Sue Harmon at  or 803.227.6152
Director - Cindy Morris at  or 803.227.6151