Relevant Church Attends SeeSalt

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Scott Davis

Scott Davis is founder and lead pastor of Relevant Church Upstate in Reidville, South Carolina. Scott has a passion for seeing people's lives change through living in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Scott has served as youth pastor/associate pastor and senior pastor over the past eleven years before founding Relevant Church. Scott has been married to his wife and best friend Kelly for 23 years and they enjoy spending time with their four sons Josh, Ryan, Zachary, and Bradley. 


Being a new church plant (only four months old) I never would have imagined that we would be taking thirteen students to the SeeSalt Summer Student Conference, but God had HUGE plans in store.
Planting a new work in the middle of Reidville, South Carolina has been amazing to say the least. God has provided all of our needs and more. Our growth has been so rapid that we are planning our second service to begin very soon. With this growth we have been blessed with many studenkids dressed hawaiiants of all ages, and as a former youth pastor I couldn’t be more happy about that.

In April of this year our Student Life Director Nicole Bridges said that she would like to take the students to SeeSalt in June, but being a new church we weren’t sure if we would be able to afford it. We began to pray for God’s provision and that was all it took. Not only were we able to cover the cost of the trip, fees, van, food, and gas, but we were also able to maintain our other financial obligations as well without a strain on the church.

Sending our youth to SeeSalt was one of the best decisions we have made so far. The conference brought our students close together and more importantly close to God.

SeeSalt worshipBill and Kathy Cox and the entire SeeSalt staff do an outstanding job at reaching students right where they are in life. Their ability to communicate through dramas, music, and small groups is amazing. It seemed as if their team designed the whole week around exactly what our students needed to hear.

Throughout the week students were opening up about their problems and surrendering them over to the Lord. Wednesday was free time — there were eight hours to relax, but we had different plans. We all joined hands, creating a chain as we walked into the ocean, then turned around facing the beach, and I proudly baptized five of our students that had made commitments to Jesus.

SeeSalt prayer on stageThursday the Holy Spirit moved in the most amazing way. During one of the worship songs one of our students felt called to go up front, fall on his knees and surrender all of his fears and sins over to the Lord. It was amazing to see this young man weep over his sins individually. Myself and three others came up front to pray over him. After five minutes or so I felt the presence of others so I turned my head to see what must have been 50 people laying hands and praying over this young man. God is so good!

I would recommend Bill Cox and his whole team at Concoxions Ministries to any church looking for a life changing experience for their students. This trip was exactly what God had planned to bond our students together and bring their lives into submission to Him.

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