Missions Update: Italy

 In Collegiate Missions 2017

“I am working with a church in Italy. More specifically, I am actively completing and performing varying tasks such as:

  1. Forming lesson plans with my partner and a local intern for the youth, in the church we are serving in.
  2. Creating contacts in the area we were assigned in with locals, people of the church, and anyone God puts in our path.
  3. Housekeeping tasks for the church (i.e. making the church bulletins for each Sunday)
  4. Taking an active role in church (singing in the choir, teaching Sunday school, etc.)

I could not have asked for a better assignment, and the church in which I was assigned to serve. We have already been making a lot of contacts, and starting great conversations with intention. God has been working and will continue to work through us for His glory!” –Samantha

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