Missions Update: Impact Ministries

 In Collegiate Missions 2017

I’ve made so many new friends and got the opportunity to share Christ with the people I’ve come in contact with. Pray for more kids at day camp, the safety of us sharing ministry to the people here and that more people will be open and willing to hear and learn more about Christ. – Syquita

The best thing that has happened so far is getting to make friends with all of the international students that we work with every Wednesday and seeing the smile on the kids’ faces each week we show up to day camp. Pray that we can continue working together as a team for the remaining weeks of the summer and that we can see more international students accept Christ. – Taylor

The best thing that has happened is being able to work with kids at the campground, getting to know them, playing with them and getting lots of hugs from them has been the highlight of my entire summer. Pray that we see more salvations and baptisms, and that we can reach more people around the area. – Tamara

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