June 26th: Travis and Staci Kerns, Herriman Utah

 In Missionary Moments

Today we want to pray for one of our North American missionaries who serves in one of the most foreign places in our nation.

Travis Kerns serves in Utah, where about 70 percent of the population is Mormon. That means they are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Despite their talk about Jesus, the Mormons’ message about their prophet is false.

When the Mormon missionaries come to our door here in our state, we need to remember that, even as we love them despite their message.

Travis lives just 35 miles from downtown Salt Lake City. He has served here 18 years to share the Gospel with people who sincerely, but wrongly, think they already have the truth.

Our church’s Cooperative Program giving has enabled Travis to serve in Utah all those years and provided the resources he has needed.

Today, can we pray for Travis? Like all missionaries, he is taking God’s eternal truth to a place where it is in short supply!

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