July 31st: Bob and Joy Benton*, Central Asia

 In Missionary Moments

Bob and Joy Benton* are asking that we pray for Rose,* a believer who is undergoing persecution from her family because of her decision to follow Christ. Rose and her daughter Angel*, who was the Benton’s child care worker, are the only Christians in the family.

When Rose’s family found out that she intended to be baptized, they beat her, destroyed her Bibles and kept her from leaving the house by herself. The Bentons can only have limited contact with her now, but they were able to give her a Bible on a computer flash drive.

The Bentons have made a difference in Rose’s life. They were able to be there to make that difference because our church supports them through the Cooperative Program. Today, let’s pray that Bob and Joy will introduce many to Jesus Christ, despite the barriers and the dangers.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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