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EVERY child deserves


We want to partner 

every public school

with a local church

Many of the needs of your community can be traced back to insufficient education. Heart4Schools is a proactive approach to dealing with potential future needs within a community.

Three strategic ways you can help


Helping kids read at grade level by the third grade.


Relieving the stress of overworked teachers.


Providing for children who live in hunger.

Is your local school currently engaged?

Reading Mentors

  • The number one indicator of success in a child’s life is their ability to read at grade level by the time they finish the third grade.

    Don Hansen Reading Mentor

Third grade reading levels are key community indicators for:

  • future economic growth
  • drop out rates
  • college and career predictions
  • future prison occupancy

For this reason, we believe that

School Success


Community Success

Interested in becoming a Reading Mentor?

Teacher Support

Teacher support gives us the opportunity to let our public educators know they are loved and valued. They sacrifice so much of their time and personal money, getting very little appreciation in return.

Ideas for how you can help:

  • Provide meals to teachers on special days such as breakfast for back to school, lunch for the end of the year, etc.
  • Provide school supplies for their closets after Christmas.
  • Give 1st and 2nd-year teachers gift cards to help make those first years a little easier.
  • Prayer and encouragement by sending notes and little gifts throughout the year.

Interested in supporting our teachers?

Backpack Buddies

Since we believe every child deserves hope, we help the school community through the backpack feeding program.
This program takes time and organization, but it doesn’t take the same people each time to make it happen.
•1 in 5 children in South Carolina go to school hungry every week
•providing foods that are rich in nutrients, but do not require cooking help children eat when not at school
•sending these backpacks home over the weekend or summer helps increase the child’s focus while giving them reassurance
•a variety of individuals can get involved by packing, being donors, or delivering the food

Interested in providing for backpacks?

  • Melanie Ratcliffe
    Melanie Ratcliffe Evangelism

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  • Emory Hiott
    Emory Hiott Heart 4 Schools Catalyst