Serving Students & Teachers

Serving Students & Teachers

Serving Students & Teachers

Student Needs

Sit down with your principal and ask about student needs. Here are some you may find:

  • One in seven South Carolina students are hungry. Provide weekend food (Backpack Buddies) or bags of food for long breaks.
  • 57% of students are behind in English/Language Arts and 29% are two grade levels behind. Consider serving as a Reading Buddy.
  • Mentors provide much needed encouragement to students who otherwise have little support.
  • Most schools need extra clothes: underwear, socks, sweatpants, and t-shirts for students who have accidents.
  • Some students do not have shoes to wear to school – or they may need tennis shoes or cleats to participate in PE or sports.
  • Hygiene items are needed: shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and laundry detergent.
  • Many students need coats or jackets when the weather gets cooler.
  • Books are needed for elementary students to read at home over breaks and the summer.
  • Feminine products are needed for middle and high school girls. These are not covered by EBT cards.
  • School supplies are needed in August and need replenishing in January.
  • Foster Care students who are moved suddenly need clothes, pillows, duffle bags, and a special “lovey.”
  • Ask about special needs of homeless students.

Serving Teachers/Staff

Ask your administrator how you can assist them in serving their staff. Here are ideas from some of our church partnerships:

  • Write personal notes of encouragement.
  • Provide a basket of snacks and a note of appreciation for the teacher workroom.
  • Host a coffee bar or provide breakfast periodically.
  • Enlist small groups to provide monthly snacks for after-school faculty meetings.
  • Celebrate teacher birthdays throughout the year.
  • “Adopt” first year teachers and help them get needed classroom supplies. Encourage them throughout the year.
  • Create gift bags for all teachers at the beginning of the year, Christmas, or Teacher Appreciation Week.
  • Provide a simple treat to go in mailboxes once a month centered around any special occasion.
  • Have a school supply drive for the teachers. Ask about the specific needs.
  • Purchase playground equipment for recess.
  • Put up an angel tree with all staff names and have church members send notes and treats throughout the year.
  • Ask if there is a time that providing a teacher meal would be helpful.
  • Provide “duty-free” lunches to give teachers a helpful break in their day.
  • Serve as a volunteer in the office, library, or anywhere needed.
  • Be sure to encourage other staff: nurses, custodians, food service providers, social workers, and bus drivers.
  • PRAY for our teachers, administrators, and support staff!

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