Building Trust and Serving Well

Building Trust

  • Pray for your school, administrators, teachers, and staff.
  • Go in with no agenda. Under promise and over deliver.
  • Be sensitive to church/state boundaries. We are invited guests. We can demonstrate the love of God without verbally sharing our faith.
  • Maintain a relationship with the principal, meeting at least once a month to show your support and to ask how you can help.
  • Get involved in the PTO. You may learn of school and classroom needs through this group.
  • Focus on encouraging and supporting teachers/staff. Send them notes of encouragement. Find tangible ways to bless them.
  • Be present for school activities and events, being intentional about talking with staff and getting to know them.
  • Partner with other churches and local agencies to meet needs in a school. You will increase your impact and the school will be blessed.
  • Be available and provide support during times of crisis (illness, death, fire, hospitalization).
  • Plan to stay for the “long-haul”. Long-term commitment is essential to building trust and to making a difference in mentoring relationships.

For a list of practical ways to serve, download the complete Building Trust and Serving Well resource below.

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