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God's Movement in an Unreached People Group in Canada

Église Cité de la Grâce has been meeting in Dieppe, New Brunswick since October 2011. Pastor Paulin Ngweth’s vision is to reach the Acadians of the region with the gospel. Each week the church engages in prayer walking and intentional, direct evangelism in the mall, bookstores, and coffee shops. In addition, Pastor Paulin is forming Christians to be disciple-makers through an intensive discipleship series. The following are accounts of God’s movement in and among the church, as we are on mission with Him to see this region reached for Christ.

  • The first week of August, Gérard, a regular church attendee, expressed interest in trusting
    Christ as Lord and Savior. Praise to God!! The Pastor plans to meet with him
    soon to discuss his decision further.
  • On Sunday, July 7, we had a Grand Opening & Potluck at our new place of
    worship, the Dieppe Arts and Culture Center. At least 5 first-time guests
    attended, plus other visitors…. And 18 children!!! Wow! Praise the Lord! We
    hope to host another special service & Potluck soon.
  • “God Encounters”—Our Tuesday night prayer walks & Friday evangelism
    always lead to opportunities to share truth and connect with those who are
    searching and hurting. Highlights from this past month include a great
    conversation with a local Catholic priest as well as with a Catholic Acadian
    widower. Please pray for continued fruit from these encounters.
  • God has given our Pastor amazing opportunities in the past few months to
    connect with people of influence in the community: university soccer trainer
    with whom Pastor Paulin will volunteer coach in the fall; Director of the Dieppe
    Arts & Culture Center; Environmental City Advisor, who has asked Paulin to
    be a part of the city environmental team. We pray these connections will lead
    to avenues of community service and open doors for the gospel.
  • Through NAMB and CNBC, doors are opening for partnerships with Great
    Commission churches. This year we will have mission teams from South Carolina
    and Louisiana to help in evangelism and preparation and execution of our second
    annual Block Party, which will take place on Labor Day. We are grateful for
    this answer to prayer for Great Commission partnerships!

Pastor Paul Blaise Ngweth, Church Planter/Lead Pastor, New Brunswick, Canada
In partnership to establish 1000 CNBC churches across Canada by 2020
En partenariat avec : East Coast Church planting/CNBC/NAMB pour
l'implantation de 1000 églises à travers le Canada d'ici 2020

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