BCMissionary Update 2: Connie Maxwell’s House

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Our two missionaries at Connie Maxwell’s House ask for you to pray over the bible studies they are doing with middle school and high school students, for the house church run by students to be worshipful, and that the students’ hearts would be opened to the Lord, especially those who have suffered the loss of a parent.

God’s work has been very apparent in the missionaries’ time there.

“Each morning He wakes me up wondering what kind of miracle He’s going to perform today.”

“The Word is still alive. Our God has never stopped being a super natural God. And He has spoken through me and to me in ways that I’ve never experienced before. And He’s changing the kids’ lives by just being exactly who He says He is, and showing them that that’s who He has been all along.”

They also talked about the value of the time spent at SummerSalt with the high school and middle school students, where they were able to answer questions throughout the week including who is Jesus, who I’m I, why am I here, where do I belong, and what do I do now.

The BCMissionaries said the bible studies they are doing are teaching the students not only to believe in God, but also in what He says.

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