Baptist AllState Chorus, Orchestra, & Praise Team

January 30-February 1, 2015
White Oak Conference Center 


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  • Nominations must be made by music directors, youth music leaders, and/or pastors for new auditionees.
  • AllState participants must be superior leaders in your church.
  • Students must exemplify excellent singing and instrumental skills.
  • AllState is very musically demanding. It is NOT an opportunity to help a student with average skills. It IS a college-level experience for the truly gifted, mature students.
  • All Audition requirements for each group are available at: Audition Information.
  • Nominations are due by October 23, 2014Baptist AllState Nomination Form.  Online Nominations can be accepted below.
  • Students in grades 9-12
  • Must be active in their music ministry of their church.
  • NEW! New participants must be nominated by their music director or pastor to audition.
  • If you qualified for the SC All-State Chorus or Band/Orchestra or Region Band and you meet our other qualifications, you do not have to audition, but you must register with us by November 6 2014.
  • Students may audition for Chorus, Orchestra or Praise Team. Auditions for two groups are allowed, but students will only be selected for ONE group.
  • Only video auditions will be accepted-only ONE video per disc. Accepted video file types are: mp4, mov, m4v, wmv, avi. Each audition MUST be on a separate video. We will not accept multiple auditions on one CD/DVD - they may be returned to the sender.
  • CD/DVDs may be mailed to us at: Worship & Music Office, 190 Stoneridge Drive, Columbia, SC 29210-8254  IN OFFICE by November 13 2014
  • Results will be sent after NOVEMBER 20, 2014.
  • For more Audition information go to Audition Information page.
  • AllState Chorus and Orchestra members who participated fully last year are still eligible and do not need to re-audition and do not need to be nominated. Praise Team members will need to re-audition each year.
  • Registration Form will be sent to all eligible members and must be returned to: Worship & Music Office by November 13, 2014.
  • Send Deposits to: Worship & Music Office by DECEMBER 31, 2014.
  • Failure to respond by the deadline may necessitate you to re-audition the next year.
Participants MUST
  • Send Lodging form & Deposits to: Worship & Music Office, 190 Stoneridge Dr., Columbia, SC 29210 by DECEMBER 31, 2014.
  • Provide your own transportation to White Oak Conference Center on January 30, 2015 and from the final location on February 1.
  • Provide your own orchestra & praise team instruments, except large percussion.
  • Learn music before attending.
  • Participate in all events.
  • Exemplify Christ-like behavior during all events.
  • Notify Worship & Music Office immediately of any changes concerning your participation.
  • All chaperones must be 21 years old or older.
  • One chaperone must be provided for each 1-6 students of the same sex.
  • At least one chaperone is required from each church regardless of the number of students attending.
  • Worship & Music Office CANNOT arrange for chaperones.

Chaperone Background Screening
Every effort will be made to ensure that everyone who comes to camp has a fun and safe stay; therefore, a yearly background check MUST be completed on EVERY ADULT & PARTICIPANT 18 years or older WHO ATTENDS Baptist AllState weekend. Your registration will not be complete, nor your lodging secured, until all adults in your group have been screened and approved by the South Carolina Baptist Convention. Please go to  for complete background check instructions.

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$ 125.00
Chaperones (2 nights)
$  62.00
 SCBC Churches receive a $10 discount
Lodging per person for two nights
Single (1 person in a room)
$ 98.00
Double (2 persons in a room)
$ 64.00
Triple (3 persons in a room)
$ 52.00
Quad (4 persons in a room)
$ 48.00
5 persons in a room
$ 42.80
Deposit per person due by 12/31/2014
$ 50.00
Balance Due at Check-in
There will be NO refunds after 1/5/2015.



 Registration forms & Auditions Videos are due by November 13, 2014.
1. Print off the Baptist AllState Registration Form.
2. Complete the form and return it (with Video if needed) to the Worship & Music Office, 190 Stoneridge Drive, Columbia, SC
Returnees may fax their form to 803.799.1044.

Deposits & Lodging: due by December 31, 2014
1. Print off the Baptist AllState Lodging Form.
2. Complete the form.
3. Make the check for the deposit to: SC Baptist Convention
4. Mail completed form and check to Worship & Music Office, 190 Stoneridge Drive, Columbia, SC

Online Payments:
1. Click on website: Baptist AllState Online payment Complete for payment.
2. Print off the Baptist AllState Lodging Form. Complete the form and fax it to 803-799-1044.

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Rehearsal weekend:
White Oak Conference Center
633 Mobley Highway
Winnsboro SC 29188
Office: (803) 635-4685




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If you need more information, please contact at the Worship & Music Office at 800-723-7242 (in SC) or 803-765-0030 ext. 2800.