August 14th: Dominic and Solange Chausee, Magog Quebec

 In Missionary Moments

There are 53,000 people living within the city of Magog, and another 20,000 tourists. It’s Quebec’s premiere destination for the province’s vacationers, but it’s also a highly secularized area. Church planter Dominic Chaussé (say show-SAY) didn’t go to the city to be on permanent holiday. Instead, he went to start a church and reach the lost.

Most in the city have little interest in church or God. But that doesn’t stop Dominic from finding ways to minister to those around him. Even before the church, Axe21, officially launched, Dominic and his family tried to find ways to live their lives to positively represent Christ.

Our church’s Cooperative Program giving helps support Dominic and his wife, our missionaries, as they make a difference for Christ there in Québec, Canada. The new church already has 18 baptized members and attendance is about 85. Today let’s pray for this young missionary family and their children as they live and serve in the far north.

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