4 Classic Bulletin Mistakes

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Grace Batton

Grace is interning with the communications group at the South Carolina Baptist Convention. She is a senior at USC studying public relations communication with a cognate in Spanish and business. During her free time she enjoys running, practicing photography, spending time with her husband Adam, and playing with her dog Chester.


Ever stared at a church bulletin wondering who on earth wrote it? (Because you were in awe of how terrible it was, not because it was heavenly.) Well, you’re probably not alone. Mistakes on church bulletins ­­­— whether bad graphics, misspellings, formatting errors, or otherwise — can be downright embarrassing and scream unprofessionalism at best and apathy at worst. Follow this short tip sheet of things not to put in bulletins to avoid awkward errors.

Clip Art 

Never, ever, ever use clip art in a bulletin. There’s no easier way to make something look childish and comical than to slap a piece of clip art on a word document and hit print. No, it does not make your bulletin look more interesting. It makes it look cheap. Instead, if you want to include an image that relates to your message, pick a real picture that is representative of your church or what the bulletin has to say.

The Font Comic Sans

Similar to clip art, using the funny looking font comic sans also indicates tackiness and lack of computer knowledge. Avoid using similar fonts that are not commonly used in print, such as thick lettered fonts like Impact, elaborate fonts like Script, and themed fonts like Papyrus. All of these may seem nice because they’re different, but in reality they just clutter the page and don’t offer much of a relief to the eye because they’re hard to read.

Stock Art of People You Don’t Know 

It’s hard to get perfect pictures of your church, but don’t settle for stock photos of people. Settle for decent pictures of the church, or even hire out a professional photographer to take pictures of events your church does so that you have good pictures on call.

Walls of Text

As the worst mistake in PowerPoint, large paragraphs or blocks of text in a bulletin can also accost the eye and quickly lose your viewer’s attention. Short paragraphs of one or two sentences or bulleted lists are much easier to read than paragraphs. Especially when it comes to bulletins, keep it simple. If everything people need to know can’t fit, just add a link to the event on your website or tell readers where to go for more information.

When all else fails, a great rule of thumb is the acronym KISS: Keep It Simple, Silly.

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