Advance Stories

A Beacon of Hope

Longs, SC, has experienced a significant surge in population as people from various backgrounds seek a fresh start. Amidst this wave of newcomers, Rivers Edge Church has emerged as a beacon of hope, providing support and a sense of community. “I am seeing an enormous influx of people moving to Longs, SC,” Ross Grall, pastor

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A Blessing of Service

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, international mission trips came to a grinding halt, leaving individuals like Keri, a devoted mission trip planner, at a crossroads. Forced to reevaluate their purpose, Keri and her fellow volunteers discovered a remarkable shift in perspective, unearthing newfound opportunities for community service that had long remained hidden. “It’s

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A Block Transformed

Jarrian felt a strong calling from the Lord to start a church in his community. He was passionate about seeing the Lord transform the lives of his neighbors and everyone on his block. When asked about his motivation for starting a church, Jarrian said, “The Lord called me to church plant because I love my

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A Father’s Redemption

Dusty had always felt like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. He had grown up without any real religious beliefs, and as he got older, he became more and more agnostic, if not an outright atheist. But all that changed when his co-worker Melanie shared the Gospel with him and

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A Heart for the Nations

Cameron Wooten had always been passionate about international opportunities in South Carolina, especially in the Upstate area. He had been working closely with one of the churches in Spartanburg, along with SCBaptist staff, to bring a Chinese pastor with the North American Mission Board into the Upstate to reach out to Chinese and East Asians

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A Pastor’s Vision

Bryant had always had a heart for ministry in New England. “My hope for the future is that God would raise up a new crop of indigenous church planters that will be better able to reach their communities than outsiders would ever be able to reach them,” he said. And it seemed like his hope

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No Longer Empty

Stephanie had always felt a sense of emptiness and uncertainty in her life, which left her struggling with waves of depression, anxiety, and fear. “I felt an emptiness and uncertainty in life that left me feeling waves of depression, anxiety, and fear,” Stephanie shared, reflecting on her journey. But everything changed when Justin and Brittany

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Not Lost, But Found

Shermaine once felt lost in the world and alone, despite being surrounded by people. But everything changed when she became a member of the Dream Center and heard about Jesus from Paul. “I was lost in the world and alone in a crowd of people. I became a member of the Dream Center and heard

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A New Purpose

Scottie had always felt a sense of emptiness in his life. He watched his lifelong friend Scott Davis and longed for the same sense of purpose and fulfillment that he seemed to have found. “Before I met Christ, I felt empty. I watched my lifelong friend Scott Davis’ life and I longed for what he

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