Neighboring in the Midst of Crisis

Lee Clamp, Share Team Leader, chats with Dave Runyon, Author of “The Art of Neighboring,” on neighboring during a time of crisis. Listen in for practical and safe ways to love your neighbors in this time.

The Gospel in Three Circles

Do you ever wonder why there is so much brokenness in the world? It wasn’t always that way. There is hope for the brokenness that is in the world. A child shares the hope found only in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Text “IHOPE” to 31996 for more information on the hope found in Jesus.

Being a Neighboring Ambassador

Melanie Ratcliffe, SCBC Evangelism Strategist, chats with Clay Jernigan of Journey Church on “Being A Neighboring Ambassador.”

Women’s Ministry Post Covid-19

SCBC Evangelism Strategist Melanie Ratcliffe chats with Kelly King, Women’s Ministry Specialist for LifeWay, on Women’s Ministry Post COVID-19.

Meet My Neighbors

I thought I knew my neighbors well before the pandemic. It turns out, we all had more to give than any of us knew. My neighbor Anne is a fantastic baker. She made me a birthday cake for my quarantine birthday.   Mary Ann is an amazing artist. She made a beautiful sign for our neighborhood …

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